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College Is Worth The Expense - 946 Words

College is worth the expense. You have a higher earning potential. When you finish school, you have the necessary skills to land that good paying job. Many people have aspirations of owning things, such as owning cars or homes. Ownership is an expense not many can afford, but so many wish to achieve. Well paying jobs tend to take care of their employees. For example, higher paying jobs give their employees more benefits and vacation time: to stay healthy and well-rested. So they perform better on the job. A low paying job does not have to have many benefits or any at all, because they replace at their leisure. Most fast food restaurants do not have 401K plans for their workers or health insurance. Those are what I like to call â€Å"irreplaceable workers†. Replacing them wouldn’t be difficult because everyone that usually applies are high school part time student workers or individuals with little qualifications of just a high school diploma. Experienced drivers who are now the considerable age of 25 years of age, have been driving for ten years or more are considered low risk drivers. Insurance for a new driver is more expensive because you are a liability. Compared to a first time driver who just got their permit. Growth, experience, and knowledge are all things that happen over time. Success is what every young child dreams to achieve someday. When I get graduated from high school past May. I did not realize the sense of accomplishment I felt with myself for completingShow MoreRelatedIs College Still Worth The Expense?921 Words   |  4 Pagesthemselves asking is college still worth the expense? With tuition continuing to sky rocket each year. Textbooks with their outrageous sales tax. It adds up, that I am sure of. So again is it really worth it? I say, yes. College changes and shapes individuals in ways unimaginable. Whether you attend college or go immediately into the workforce, many recognize the amazing opportunities college has to offer its students. In high school, high school opens doors for college. In college, college unlocks opportunitiesRead MoreIs College Worth the Expense? Essay examples1193 Words   |  5 Pageshas helped the US rise economically and industrially. Today, the US is in the middle of the same debate- this time, over college. Some, like David Leonhardt, a columnist for the business section of The New York Times, think a college education creates success in any job. Others, such as Christopher Beha, an author and assistant editor of Harper’s Magazine, believe that some college â€Å"education† (like that of for-profit schools) is a waste of time, and can even be harmful to students. Each stance on thisRead MoreCollege And An Arts Degree1456 Words   |  6 Pagesearning a college degree, there are students who look to pursue their passions. Many instances people view college as a gateway into the middle class if they aren’t of the wealthy already. So they venture out to study as an engineer, doctor, lawyer, or ect, in hopes of making over $100,000 or as close to this as possible. However when arts students take on college the expectation to get paid high wages like that is unlikely. Bring up the question is college and an arts degree really worth it? The worthRead MoreShould College Be A Higher Education?915 Words   |  4 Pagesthey stand on the issues of finances. College are not for everyone, it takes time, dedication and money. There are people who meet these requirement but in truth, they are afraid of not being able to live up to the expectation of the people around them; people who wants to go to college but are unable to afford the expenses; people who are afraid of being in debt all they lives; people who believe they are good enough at sports, thus not wanting to go to college. While these are all valid reasons,Rea d MoreCollege Is Necessary for a Successful Future Essay788 Words   |  4 Pagesyears of school enough? Who needs college anyway? Working a nine to five job with no chance of a promotion would not be that bad, would it? Do not deny, this is not the desired lifestyle of most young adults. Clearly, the way to achieve a superior job and future is college. College is the most necessary tool in order to be successful in life. College gives its graduates the greatest ability to achieve a higher paying job. Furthermore, adults who attend college earn higher wages over those who doRead MoreA Common Conception Of Present Day Society Essay846 Words   |  4 Pagesworkers without a college degree. Thus, while the amount of careers which do not require a college degree increase, those which do remain relatively stable. The number of college graduates continues to rise, creating a surplus of individuals with unnecessary degrees. Instances such as these occur daily due to preconceived ideas of the meaning of a higher education. Another issue numerous graduates do not consider is the cost of living. On average, the cost of living for a college graduate is muchRead MoreThe Cost Of An Education937 Words   |  4 Pagesof a lack of experience. A person must sit back and think will the rewards of furthering my education outweigh the cost and future financial burden. During the year 2014-2015 the standard cost of tuition in a two-Year Institution, for one year of college with room and board would cost you $10,837. Want to go to a four-Year Institution? Try $23,600, a year for tuition, room and board. This is over $7,000 more than the cost 10 years ago for a four-year institution and $3,700 more than a two-year institutionRead MoreWhy Are Students Athletes At The College Level Not Compensated? Essay1324 Words   |  6 PagesWhy Are Student-athletes at the College Level Not Compensated? If you have ever wondered why college athletes are not paid, you are not alone. If you are a sports nut, then you may have even gotten into arguments over the topic. Economic experts do not seem to agree either. If you listen to each side of the argument the answer seems gray, but if you look at the evidence the answer may become clearer. The National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) should pay Division I student-athletes whoRead MoreThe Cost of Higher Education754 Words   |  3 Pagestuition, none being cheap. Now a day’s college is about investing your own money and time in order to receive the best education out there, in the outcome receiving the job of your dreams. This investment could also bring you a life of debt. Are all these costs truly necessary? Education in America is expensive, and much of the expense can be reevaluated significantly Tuition prices are usually the first thing in which comes to mind when you begin planning for college. Tuition is the largest componentRead MoreEssay Is College Worth It682 Words   |  3 PagesIs college worth it? Ask yourself a question, is college worth it to you? If you answered no then in this case it will be beneficial for you to read this. When thinking about college you have to think more about what you want out of it rather than what you have to do to get through it. The skills that you get while attending college can be very beneficial to you. Having the critical thinking and advanced communication skills that you acquire in college. Getting a college degree and bringing what

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The Barriers Of Indigenous Australian Women Face Within...

Introduction Despite changing times, the Indigenous population still experience inequality through the education and criminal justice system, specifically Indigenous women. This is highlighted throughout the report through various statistical data including tables and graphs. Further discussion on the link between these statistics to current unit concepts will be addressed in this report to expose the barriers that Indigenous Australian women face within the criminal justice system. The statistical overview on the education system will focus on the Indigenous population as a whole. An Indigenous Australian is anyone of aboriginal or Torres strait descent or who identifies as an aboriginal or is accepted by an aboriginal community (Korff J. 2015). Structural inequality is when opportunities are available to some but not others, limiting their potential (Carpenter and Ball 2012, 64). A concept used frequently in this report is lottery of birth, this refers to the probability of success and failure being closely linked to the class of your parents (Carpenter and Ball 2012, 64). Criminal Justice System Through statistical data, it is apparent that structural inequality exists within the criminal system for Indigenous women. Bond and Jeffries (2010) research, looked at the difference between imprisonment rates for Indigenous women and non-Indigenous women over a 9-year period for comparable offences (1996-2005). It was found that Indigenous women were found, on average,Show MoreRelatedThe Fundamental Objectives Of The Law And Justice Foundations Essay1991 Words   |  8 Pages The fundamental objectives of the Law and Justice foundations is to contribute to the development of a fair and equitable justice system that addresses the legal needs of the community, and to improve access to justice by the community. According to BB the early notion is that ‘access to justice involves: access to high quality legal services or effective dispute resolution mechanisms effective to protect rights, equal access to legal services and to legal services markets that operate competitivelyRead MoreCountry Notebook for South Korea7606 Words   |  31 Pages Family: 9 Education 10 Literacy Rates 11 Political System 11 Legal System 12 Six Basic Codes and Other Laws 13 Social Organizations 14 Religion 16 Living Conditions 19 Diet and Nutrition 19 Housing 20 Clothing 21 Recreation, sports, and other leisure activities 21 Economic Analysis 23 Introduction 23 Economic Statics Activity 24 Gross National Product 24 Minerals and Resources 24 Communication Systems 25 Working Conditions 26 Principle Industries 27 ForeignRead MoreEthics of Information Communication Technology (Ict)27618 Words   |  111 Pagescreated new problems in human social systems, such as the digital divide, cybercrime, digital security and privacy concerns, all of which have affected people’s lives either directly or indirectly. It is important that the countries of the Asia-Pacific region come up with an assessment of the situation, followed by guidelines for action to combat the incidence of malicious attacks on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of electronic data and systems, computer-related crimes, such as forgeryRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesHartman Strom, Political Woman: Florence Luscomb and the Legacy of Radical Reform Michael Adas, ed., Agricultural and Pastoral Societies in Ancient and Classical History Jack Metzgar, Striking Steel: Solidarity Remembered Janis Appier, Policing Women: The Sexual Politics of Law Enforcement and the LAPD Allen Hunter, ed., Rethinking the Cold War Eric Foner, ed., The New American History. Revised and Expanded Edition E SSAYS ON _ T WENTIETH- C ENTURY H ISTORY Edited by MichaelRead MoreLegalization of Same Sex Marriage9779 Words   |  40 Pagesfollowed suit in 2003, although it did not go as far as the Netherlands: gay couples have no adoption rights in Belgium. Most other European countries only allow for some kind of registered partnership with some degree of protection. By now most legal systems in Europe provide some kind of status, even in Catholic countries like Spain . Some states of the United States have followed and provided registries for same-sex partnerships and grant them certain rights.                                                            Read MoreMarketing Mistakes and Successes175322 Words   |  702 PagesCourier/Westford. This book is printed on acid-free paper. Copyright  © 2009, 2006, 2004, 2001, 1998, 1995, 1992, 1989, 1986, 1981, 1976 John Wiley Sons, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning or otherwise, except as permitted under Sections 107 or 108 of the 1976 United States Copyright Act, without either the prior written permission

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How Trophic Cascades Are Powerful Forces That Have A...

Yellow Perch (Perca flavenscens) Food Chain Dynamics in Lac la Biche, Alberta Proposal Jacob Thalen, Feb, 5, 2015 MacEwan University, Department of Biology Done in part for the requirements of BIOL 498 under the supervision of Dr. David Locky Dr. Mrinal Das. MacEwan University, Department of Biology. Abstract: Trophic cascades are powerful forces that have a pronounced effect on ecosystems. They occur when predation causes shifts in prey dynamics that indirectly lead to enhanced survival in the next lowest trophic level. Walleye fishing bans at Lac la Biche coinciding with a restocking effort have led to a large recovery of walleye populations. The increase in populations of a high trophic level predator should cause shifts in a lower trophic level species (yellow perch) prey preferences from fish towards invertebrate prey. 576 yellow perch stomach collected from 2009 - 2013 by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development were sent to MacEwan University for processing/analysis. Yellow perch stomachs will be measured (dry weight, empty weight), and prey items will be removed identified and weighed. Sampling procedure differs depending on the type of prey item removed from the stomach (fish, macro and micro invertebrates). Length and weight measurements will be taken fo r fish and macro invertebrates; whereas, micro invertebrates will be sub sampled until 50-100 individuals can be identified. Data will be analyzed using multi

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Setting up a Chain of Old Age Care Homes

Question: Describe about the Setting up a Chain of Old Age Care Homes. Answer: Introduction: The aged person in any community needs special care and attention. This is a period of life when any people faces problem regarding health, mental support. There are many homes set up for aged persons who need care. These aged care homes provides the elderly peoples with daily cares like laundry services, meal, nursing care and personal cares like dressing, catheter, wound care. These homes are approved by the Australian Government (Feil ,2014). The report is based on the probable forecasting of the business of a group of investors who wants to set up a chain of elderly care homes in two Government areas of the country Australia. The probable prospect of the business of the firm based on current and past year data are being studied in the report. Materials and methods: A number of variables effect the growth of business of aged care homes. To set up aged care homes in some Government locations across Australia, one needs to determine the factors that govern the need of aged care homes (Katz Monk, 2014). First of all aged care homes should be set up in those places where there will be adequate number of aged persons who needs special care. Secondly, the aged persons should have enough money to pay the fees of the homes. These two are the primary variables affecting the growth of business of old age care homes (Brownie Nancarrow, 2013). The aged care homes needs to be evenly distributed all over the country. The aged care homes are to be set up by the company in places where there will be no other such homes in nearby location(Deary et al., 2012). There should be adequate supply of nursing staff and other staffs who are supposed to deliver their services in aged care homes (Falk et al., 2013). These are the other factors that effects the business of old aged care homes. One can choose between overseas staff if local staffs are not available. But choosing overseas staff will lead to higher cost to provide accommodation for them (Taylor Payer, 2016).In order to set up a chain of old age care homes, there should be space available for setting up these homes. The data has to be collected on the following variables: The number of old aged people living in the Government areas. The financial condition of the old aged people. The number of people available who actively need jobs and can serve in the old aged homes. Results: The data obtained is analyzed with the help of regression analysis. The significant values of the regression coefficients explain that the variables significantly affect the business. A regression analysis is carried out by taking number of people in age group above 70 in different regions like major cities, internal regions as dependent variables and other factors affecting the study as independent variables. In the regression analysis, the value of the coefficients of Government organizations, religious and charitable organizations and profit organizations are high. The value of regression coefficient of charitable and religious old age is highest. Figure: The number of residential and home care centre. Source: Created by author. The above graph gives an idea about the number of residential care homes and aged care homes in 7 major regions of the country over the years 2012-2015.The seven major regions are New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Southern Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and NT. The two local Government areas in Victoria chosen for the purpose are City of Melbourne and Port Philip. Melbourne city has the highest population among all other regions. The population figure is 3,707,530.The number of unemployed people is 4330. The cumulative income of people is 62340 which indicates the people has enough fund to pay for these homes. Figure: Residential population growth by age. Source: ( , 2015) The graph shows the growth of population in the Melbourne city. The graph shows there will be an increase in the population of old aged homes. The number of people living in the Port Philip region is 91373. This region also has a growing population. So this region is also chosen as a place for setting up old age care homes (Knightley Crawford, 2013).The cumulative income of the people of Port Philip is also good. The total figure is 63992. This suggests that the old aged people has enough financial condition to pay for the homes. Discussions: The data from Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reveals that the number of aged care homes is very high in places like Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. The places of Western Australia, Tasmania has very few of these homes. The Government region of Victoria are taken. In these places lot of people require old age care facilities. The cohort of people who were born after the Second World War is now attaining the age 70. The forecast figures suggest that these peoples need aged care. So there is a demand for aged care homes in the present days. Recommendations: The report suggests that majority of the elderly people prefer the religious and charitable organizations. TheThe cost of service in this aged home should be affordable by every people. The chain of old aged homes should be set up in locations where there is an increasing demand of old age homes. The homes should be set up at places where there should be adequate staffs available. The survey is conducted by selecting a few major regions of the country. There are remote places where there is need of old age care homes. The old age care homes can be set up in those places. The study has been carried out mainly by regression analysis. Time series analysis could have been done to know about the trend in the data. The growth of business of time series data could have been predicted with the help of time series analysis. The data analysis has been carried out on the basis of secondary data. It is recommended that the study should be conducted with the help of primary data. The primary data could be collected with the help of questionaire. Conclusion: In this report a study about the factors determining the growth of old aged home is carried out. The data collected is secondary data. The statistical analysis of the data suggests that number of people going to charitable and religious homes is largest. The two local government areas of Melbourne and Port Philip is chosen to be the best to set up old age care homes. References: (2016). Residential aged care and Home Care 201415 (AIHW). [online] Available at: [Accessed 29 Aug. 2016]. Brownie, S., Nancarrow, S. (2013). Effects of person-centered care on residents and staff in aged-care facilities: a systematic review.Clinical interventions in Aging,8, 1. City of Melbourne Daily Population Estimates and Forecasts. (2015). Retrieved 31 August 2016, from Deary, I. J., Yang, J., Davies, G., Harris, S. E., Tenesa, A., Liewald, D., ... Redmond, P. (2012). Genetic contributions to stability and change in intelligence from childhood to old age.Nature,482(7384), 212-215. Falk, H., Wijk, H., Persson, L. O., Falk, K. (2013). A sense of home in residential care.Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences,27(4), 999-1009. Feil, N. (2014). Validation therapy with late-onset dementia populations.Caregiving in dementia: Research and applications, 199-218. Katz, C., Monk, J. (2014).Full circles: Geographies of women over the life course. Routledge. Knightley, P., Crawford, R. M. (2013).Australia. Random House. Taylor, A., Payer, H. (2016). Population Ageing in Northern Australia: Seniors Voices on Ageing in Place.Journal of Population Ageing, 1-16.

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The Republic Of Pakistan Essay Example For Students

The Republic Of Pakistan Essay Dominion Republic(Speech)Thank You, ladies and gentlemen. Now, we, The Republic of Pakistan, as wefeel it is our sole duty to do so, would hereby like to take theopportunity to affirm and acknowledge the statements ejaculated by TheDominion Republic. First, we would like to state the present situation of Brazil: Brazil isin trouble! Economic crisis are just too much. Social distress is alsopondering amongst the citizens. Dreams of a golden future have nowpractically run out. It is in so much trouble, that it holds the worldlargest foreign debt of $130 (Yes, one hundred and thirty),BILLION dollars!Ladies and gentlemen, there are numerous upon numerous examples which wecan share with you to clarify how Brazils economy is, to put it bluntly,IN THE PITS! But, you and I have already heard enough examples we needfrom The Dominion Republic themselves. It is no doubt that the governmentof Brazil is lacking in practically every respect. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!We can not let this continue yet further, as it will then be even moredifficult to come out of it later. Here is what the Dominion Republicpurpose:To put a price freeze on all goods and services. What this would do, isresult in a decrease of Brazilian inflation hence, saving the econ omy. We will write a custom essay on The Republic Of Pakistan specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now This must be done! Ladies and gentlemen, there is a solution to everyproblem, unfortunately, the Brazilian government does not seem veryinterested in the remedies. HOWEVER, we, The Republic of Pakistan, feelthat the opportunity should be given to The Dominion Republic to helpassist in the damaged society. One may ask, why is Pakistan interested in such a resolution? Well, weknow how governments are. They are interested PURELY IN THEMSELVES! TheBrazilian government is just like the Kashmir government (but thatsanother speech). They do what he want, and do NOT give a 2 cents about thepublic. We know where The Dominion Republic is coming from, and we expressour concern as such. So, please, ladies and gentlemen: Acknowledge thelack of decency the governments posses, and help us rise from thisdisaster; only with the help of the United Nations, can we overcome thisdilemma. I thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for listening to us thus far. And Ialso hope that you understand and acknowledge our concern, as well as theconcern of The Dominion Republic. All our intentions are laid ourclearly, we only hope that you will allow The Dominion Republic theopportunity to prove ourselves. ThankYou.

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Archives Unique Collections

Archives Unique Collections Introduction Archives contain collections of unique materials, whichare records of value. They may be records of an organization or of private individuals. The materials are not oldin the real sense, but are preserved in a variety of formats in which they appear. The difference between the archival materials and the library materials is that in the archives,the materials are arranged in groups on the basis of their information content.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Archives Unique Collections specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This refers to the institution which selects, preserves, and avails to the public those materials of permanent value(Forde,2007).Archives are vital as resources that promote knowledge and efficient operation of the institutions which they serve. They support and nourish teaching and learning at that institutions and within the wider intellectual community (Forde, 2007). The archives may collect and preserve the materials, which are not official records to the public or institutions; but which document the history, development and accomplishments of the institutions (Forde,2007).The records in an archive possess some basic features which distinguishes them from any other form of records. These features include; Inter-relatedness -They come as a result of accomplishments or processes of lifeand therefore, they appear like specific frames of motion picture films, and structures of materials closely knit that they cannot be utilized in absence of each other; if the meaning and integrity is to be preserved.They naturally occur in a contemporary way unlike the personal documents, which are deliberately made for history purposes. Contextual element -The value of the records is drawn from their contexts and therefore, the archive keepers should identify accurately, the context of use and origin of the respective records.They should also ensure maintenance of the records in ways t hat preserve their originality. Evidential -Records are a representation of past occurrences,human experiences and accomplishments and they therefore give objective testimonies ofoccurrences or documented agreements. The importance of archival materials cannot be overemphasized.The institutions select, preserve and make accessible, the records to the public for legal,financial,and administrative purposes (Forde, 2007).The public records administered by the government agencies, for example are able to maintain evidence of the government operations.Advertising Looking for essay on public administration? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This ensures accountability to the public, where the citizens are able to closely monitor and evaluate the governments conduct and performance. Privateinstitutions likechurches, businesses and museums also establish archives for keeping their records. Preserving records in archives Preser vation refers to the process of protecting documents,with an aim of minimizing loss of information and slowing down processes that would lead to physical deterioration of the materials;for the sake of the future generations (Proni, 2007). It is done through a variety of measures which must involve everyone handling the materials. The documents have to be placed, displayed and handled in ways that reduce the risk of damage, taking into account their shape, size and physical condition (Proni, 2007). The records preserved in the archives contain sensitive and vital information;thereforethey require proper storage and access strategies. These measures are put in placeto minimize the damages, which may lead to loss of valuable information. Without adequate protection, these materials deteriorate and are rendered useless. The preservation activities provide a range of solutions,under which the materials are made accessible to the public.The extent of preservation dependson the size,maturi ty,needs and resources available to facilitate the program (Banks, 2000).Various strategies may be employed to ensure protection of the records. They include; Holding maintenance program This utilizes a range of preservation procedures, with emphasis on improving the housing and storage surroundings of the records(Banks,2000).The procedures are applied to the entire collection with priorities based on evaluation of the needs of the users(P.56).This offers a great physical protection and enhances chemical stability of the resources(Banks,2000).The procedures include: Proper housing All the permanent and temporary storage areas must be structurally sound and strong enough, to bear severe weather conditions or malicious attacks. Thematerials maintained in the archives should be those that are able to withstand both the internal and the external surrounding conditions of the building.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Archives Unique Collections specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The situation of the building has to be secure, i.e.distant from military installations or any chemicalindustries (p.2).There should be no vegetation in close proximity.The area around the building should be a clear perimeter. Shelving The storage areas should utilize shelving, which is a basic methodfor preserving and exhibiting materials in the archive.Wooden shelving is often discouraged since it damages the organic materials and is a brooding site for insects. Metal shelving is therefore preferredsince it provides a standard design and rigidity. A non-toxic paint can be applied, using the powder coating method to prevent rusting and improve the aesthetic value. The shelves must be well paced between the walls to aid ventilation and the bottom shelves should not be too close to the ground to protect them against flooding (p.4). Boxing It’s a recommendation that all the materials be boxed,in high quality material box es, which are not prone to chemical attacks. Boxingprovides a dual advantage for both packaging and protection of the materials from hostile environmental conditions. The materials are free from insects, fire or water damage. Boxing also provides a means of stabilizing the materials, which are fragile or whose reference has been retained as originals, while their copies are in active use. Spacing There should be enough space provided for storage of the archive equipment. They should avoid introducing the physically unhealthy records to the already existing records. Those records are likely to infect the others and as a result damage them. Adequate spacing ensures proper isolation of such materials, which are affected by moisture, fungi or infected by insects. Proper spacing also promotes harmonious working environments under which both the staff and the archive users will not feel under threat or intimidated by overcrowding or interference of their own personal space.Advertising Looking for essay on public administration? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The environment Factors like temperature,humidity,light and pollution are conditions that should be put into consideration in the housing program for archival records. Most of the materials in the archives cannot tolerate severe conditions. This accelerates their damage and deterioration. Paper made materials can withstand drier conditions compared to those made of vellum or animal skins, therefore the temperature conditions should be varied appropriately depending on, the type of materials stored therein. The light exposure to the items on exhibit should be measured and controlled. This would also limit the exhibition duration, where the light sensitive materials would stay on exhibition for shorter lengths of time. The materials should also be safeguarded against harmful substances like gases and fumes, which would interfere with quality and originality of the materials like fabrics. Security measures The archives hold vital materials, which include paper records, maps,films,photo graphs and electronic records; which cannot be replaced once lost.There is need to have tight security programs,to protect both the staff and the records from threats of theft, unauthorized disclosure or sabotage (Ritzenthaler, 2003). Appropriate measures should be taken to ensure the security of the archival records listings are done in detail, putting tags and marks where appropriate; for proper identificationof the materialsin case they are lost, stolen or damaged. There should be systems for tracking, issuing and returning items borrowed, in order to minimize unknown disappearances. The storage areas, both permanent and temporary, should be safe and secure to minimize theft risks or other malicious damages. There should be strict and controlled access to the stores, with heavy doors, sufficient locks and regular supervision; where visitors have to pass through a security checkpoint as they get in to the archive. The staff maintaining the area, including the cleaners should be we ll supervised within the established procedures to ensure that security is not compromised in their presence. The rooms should also contain cameras or desks where the staffs are able to monitor the users. Emphasis should also be laid on security measures, which would involve an emergency preparedness component (p.56), like an alarm. Thissystem includes a computerized security control unit,which would monitor intrusion of alarms and the cameras. More to be put into consideration is the structure,construction, location and the surroundings of the facility together with enough fire detection measures and suppression measures (Banks, 2000).The security measures should be applied on daily routines for effectiveness. It’s also vital to constantly train the staff and the users on the importance and rationale of ensuring security in the facility. This would involve teaching factors like emergency preparedness, where each archival participant is made aware of fire associated risks and how to deal with them. Handling of the materials Institutional policies and procedures can also pose a negative contribution to the sound preservation procedures;this occurs especially in the handling of the materials, during transfer and in the storage procedures (Banks, 2000).Proper handling collection procedures should be provided, including: Providing the users with well stipulated guidelines, on using and handling the archival materials; which would prohibit such vices like eating,drinking,smoking or bringing overcoats and bags in the archive (Ellis, 1993). Reduce handling of original archival documents; instead utilize their copies whenever appropriate. Setting up a workspace dedicated for reading and research, which is clean and spacious. Encouraging the staff and users to handle the materials carefully, with clean hands or wear cotton gloves when handling the sensitive materials like photographs, films and electronic records. Supporting the documents that are not strong an d durable e.g. newspaper cuttings, by binding them with cartons or other more durable materials. Isolating the contaminated materials from the public reach, in order to avoid mixing and compromising their health. Open communication and good user relations are a guarantee to proper implementation of the preservation procedures.The staff should be updated on the changes made and be restrained when need arises (p.57).This brings basic understanding and incorporatesthem to be part of the facility. Conservation treatments Conservation treatments are costly but highly effective for safeguarding against damages. The manager should make treatment selections based on an already established criteria that should be uniformly applied (Banks, 2000). If it is an in-house treatment program, then a conservation lab should be established on site or alternatively, a conservator contracted (p.58).The latter is more preferred, since there are fears of limitation ofspace, staff and equipment are charge d with the responsibility making the whole process cost-effective. The priority of applying conservation treatments is to protect the documents for current and long-term provision for access in consultations and research. The strategies applied in conservation treatments include; Mould and pest control The archives traditionally used pesticides and other chemicals to control pestinfestations. There are many hazards however associated with continued use of the pesticides. The chemicals do not control the damage occurring to the materials but deal with the peststhemselves, which may damage the paper based materials. This also poses health hazards to the users; therefore the best mode of pest control has been approved as monitoring of the pests or using an integrated pest management system. Integrated pest management The strategies of the integrated pest management present long term control measures. These measures which provide maintenance and housekeeping environment that ensures tha t pests do not find any hospitable place in the archives (Ellis, 1993).Such activities include inspection,climate control,food restrictions,insect identification,regular cleaning and proper storage conditions (p.28). Managing mould and control The non-chemical means of dealing with mould in the archive like temperature control, relative humidity and air circulation have been proved to be the best effective methods (Ellis, 1993). A relativelyhighhumidity is likely to encourage growth of mould, but controlled air circulation can reduce the risk (p.29). In case the materials are already infected, they should be restored in rooms with a controlled ventilation area, to minimize distortion. Reformatting the materials Preservation of the information is of paramount concern,therefore copying the materials from a paper based medium to a more permanent form, can minimize bulk as it facilitates more access(Banks,2000). Reformatting can serve dual purposes; preservation of the originals, which can be put aside from active utilization, and preservation of the information in a less intrinsic value record which can be destroyed after certification of the film(p.58).Reformatting of the materials involves digitizing the organizations’ records, which have accrued a lot of benefits. These include; Disaster recovery after the occurrence of such disasters, such as fire, floods or earthquakes, it is important to ensure availability. In such a case, scanning the archival important records and storing them in a proper secured and backed up manner might be extremely useful (Podraza, 2012). The sufficient records, which are extremely important to the archive’s existence are protected, avoiding cost and time wastage, as well as considerable efforts required for reconstruction processes of critical information in case the disaster occures (Podraza, 2012). Cost saving and effective -there is no need to acquire and maintain more filling equipment in the archive for storage o f the paper records. Thisminimizes bulk of the paper documents. Real estate savings The Digital initiatives can actually reduce the amount of office space needed, without having to lose access to records (Podraza,2012). With the existing competition for the existing office space, the digitized active records which can be easily accessed online are preferable. it is much more comfortable than filling records in cabinets. This is a way of using the archival space in a more cost-effective manner (Podraza, 2012). Most of archival organizations have shifted to the digital initiatives which minimizes the wide spread accumulation of the records, which makes the facility smarter and economical. Easy retrieval and access -Archival records can be incorporated into an online content management system, providing the staff with a faster and secure and continuous online centralized access, from any location; which allows simultaneous access to information by multiple users from multiple location s(Podraza,2012). Minimal labor costs with improved customer service -Digitizing the archival records will not only minimize the labor costs involved in maintaining large documented records, it will also increases staff productivity (Podraza, 2011). The information is more secure – making the paper records digital and transferring them to a centralized location, with strict access controls and file level permissions, eliminates information insecurity and privacy issues occurring in archival facilities (Podraza, 2012). Archival preservation -When the archive’s historical records are scanned and stored in a web based content management system, they are preserved and easily accessible to members of a working staff and customers (Podraza, 2012). Information sharing -The digitalized mode reduces the paper work, which is labor demanding, therefore facilities’ collaboration and information sharing through work-flow that offers more efficient processing and easy gauging of documents to various units in the archive should be encouraged (Podraza,2012). Preservation measures in the Ireland national archives These are the findings of the measures taken in the preservation of materials in the Ireland national archive: The holding maintenance The archive appreciates the limitations posed on the preservation of resources and thereforethe management is keen on the selection of materials. It avoids duplication and in case of such occurrences, preference is given according to the physical formats, with easy and safe storage.The archive building is well spaced, enough for proper storage of the materials avoiding contamination with already infected materials. The environmental conditions of the archive like temperature and humidity are taken into account; the building is well ventilated with adequate air conditioners and curtains with large curtained windows for light regulation (Ritzenthaler, 2003). Security measures The archive has strong doors with heavy lo cks, which minimizes unwanted intrusion and theft.Materials in the archives are clearly labeled and tagged bearing the institutions’ ownership stamp. The archive building also contains alarms at the corners of each floor, with emergency doors and other escape routes in case of unexpected dangers like fire.The archive has employed several guards for security measures. It alsohas security checkpoints at the entrance and at the exit of the building. Handling of the materials The management has set rules and regulations posted at the entrances, which prohibit the users to eat, smoke or carry clothing and bags into the archive. Most of the materials in use are duplicates of the originals, therefore preserving the original documents.Inside the building, there is a large spacious room specifically dedicated for research and private reading (Mendez, 2007) Conservation treatments The archive has a chemical cabinet in one of the inner rooms which is used for storing chemicals that cont rolling pests. Moreover, the rooms in the building and the storage sections are smartly maintained to minimize pest invasion. Reformatting of the materials All the materials in the paper base medium have been digitalized. This has solved the issue of insecurity and inadequacy of space. Conclusion Preservation is a core function in every collection of records orarchival materials, which helps ensure continuity and availability of information for the present and future generations. References Banks, AK 2000, Principles of archive preservation. Books society publications, Washington. Ellis, J1993, Keeping archives. Thorpe Ltd, Port Melbourne. Forde, H 2007, Preserving archives. Facet-publishing, New York. Mendez, A 2007, The old, the valuable and the future. Oxford University Press, London. Podraza, P 2012, Becoming digital. Winepress publishing, New York. Proni, AJ 2007, Preservation of records. Willey and sons, New York:. Ritzenthaler, G 2003, National archives and records administr ation. Brooks publications, Washington.

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Accounting report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Accounting report - Essay Example ector’s report is a mandatory part of the financial statement that explains the business prospect of the company and detailed financial analysis and performance. The issues in the business of ITV are that of holding the broadcast audience which is their consumer and customer and that generates the revenue for the company. Another key issue is that of conversion of profit to cash during the year in which the company has struggle. Lastly, the broadcast and online revenues of the company have decreased compared to last year which is also a concern. The presentation of the report of BSkyB is more proper and the breakups are provided in a more explanatory format which give better judgment for a user of the financial statement. The directors report also covers a better area of the financial statement and uses graphs and charts to give better understanding to the user of the financial statement. The auditors have stated that they have carried on the audit of the company in light of the auditing standards as applicable in UK and Ireland and under their independent examination the financial statements are presented fairly and the Group financial statements are also prepared in line with the Financial Reporting Standards approved by the EU, the Companies Act 2006 and the other requirements of the applicable laws so as to provide the right type on guidance to the viewer of the financial statement. The report is dated two months later than that of the date of financial statements because the audit is carried out after the close of the year end of the company after which the auditors examine the financial data and provide their opinion of the fair and true presentation. In light of the companies Act, it is mandatory for a company to calculate and disclose the earnings per share in its annual report. The basic earnings per share of ITV in 2009 was 2.3p while the loss per share of last year 65.9p. This shows that the earnings per share for the year ended 2009 is higher